mandag 16. november 2009

Musikk i mine ører.

Om dere trenger noe ny musikk i ørene tenkte jeg at jeg kunne komme med noen forslag.

  • Paramore-careful, throwing punches, bloody sunday, my heart, decode, use somebody

  • Blink 182- miss you, i'm lost without you

  • Boxcar racer - there is

  • Pluss 44 - weatherman, lycanthrope

  • Chris Brown - crawl, say goodbye, with you, so cold.

  • 30 seconds to mars - the kill

  • Angels and airwaves - a little enough, do this for me now, everything is magic

  • Escape the fate - something, reverse this curse, the flood

  • Akon - bithmark, freedom, until you come back

  • From first to last - emily

  • Hardcore superstar - someone speecial, we don't selebrate sundays

  • Him - please don't let it go, slat in our wounds, the funeral of hearts, the sactament

  • Lazee - hold on

  • Mario - don't walk away, how could you

  • Mayday parade - miserable at best, I'd hate to be you, three cheers for five years

  • Pink - please don't leave me, sober

  • Rise against - blood to bleed, paper wings, dancing in rain, swing life away

  • silverstein - my heroine

  • The kooks - naive, I already miss you

  • The used - i caught fire, on my own, smother me

  • Usher - let it burn, you got it bad

  • Linkin park - leave out the rest

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