lørdag 29. januar 2011

When I reach out and I only got air.

I turned my back you were gone in a flash like you always do, you always go off somewhere else. And when the phone rang and I thought it was you and I sprung like a kid who just got out of school but its almost, always never you, never you. I scream like child, my insides when woah

And when I'm alone with you, you make me feel and you make me feel.
When I'm alone with you, you are the one and you are the one.

And when I reach out and I only got air and it killed me to think that you never did care and it's hopeless you always run off somewhere else and I throw in a tantrum. Why are you such a battle?

Remind me of home when you're around me. The next time you leave don't go without me. No, don't go.

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